Dishant’s Reflective Essay!

So here we come to an end of our entrepreneurial journey. there are so many things I would love to share. My experiences in design thinking module overall were very nice, I got to learn so many new things which I wasn’t really expecting. Today, the module has taught me how to start a business […]

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The First Trade Fair

it was a very breezy day outside and it was time we had to release our product in the market but it was not an actual location as you think. it was in our Kingston university atrium it would be around all the people from the university between all the students and the staffs. we […]

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Learnings through case study!

I am a person who is not at all into reading books I have always been bad at reading. the moment I start reading some novel I feel sleepy and that’s the fastest way to make me go to sleep. well but, everything changed since I had this subject called Management strategy and International entrepreneurship. […]

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The last pitch! today is the final day of pitching our business proposal to the judges and convincing them that our product is perfect and it doesn’t have any issues. It is a big day as the judges are going to finalise the main winner. As we had to present our products to the judges […]