The First Trade Fair

it was a very breezy day outside and it was time we had to release our product in the market but it was not an actual location as you think. it was in our Kingston university atrium it would be around all the people from the university between all the students and the staffs. we had given a small table to make our stand look the most attractive amongst all other teams
it was a task, not an easy work and we also had to be ready with our products to sell or at least an MVP (minimum viable product) so the customers who visit our stalls should at least know what we are trying to sell so they can pre-order. As we were not ready with our product yet, that means we hadn’t finished making it completely. We were just ready with our MVP because we as team Gemeinsam had to write a book about being together helping you make more meaningful connections with people you don’t know. it was not an easy job to decide what activities to add. anyway about the trade fair, similar to us we had some teams along who weren’t ready with their products and had only the MVP. Convincing people to buy our product when you don’t even have it ready is a difficult task or even to get pre-orders. Our stand didn’t really look very attractive, we had too many papers on the table, we just had a small booklet to show how the activities will look in the book and what kind of activities we will have. describing how the stand looked we had few things kept on the table which were few of the booklets, some business cards along with it some small posters giving a positive thought and a feedback form. our table looked something like this


it was difficult for us to get any customers towards our table because most of the students had classes at the time we had our trade fair. and the professors were teaching them others were in the library. there was only one way for us to call people towards our table and those were our flyers which helped us call the customers towards our table so we can explain to them what we are writing. Through the flyers, I could attract many people to come to have a look at the table. it was our first time when we were actually trying to sell something and make money out of it. we were selling our booklets for 2 pounds and the posters for 90p. and we could sell a few of them. nothing but only we got to learn many things before our final trade fair which would be in Kingston Eden walk. After this, we were well prepared to put our product in the market and make sure it looked the best and make amazing sales.

Along with this, we learnt many things such as we are not supposed to keep too many papers on the table and just the product and another important thing according to what you’re selling. have your books priced kept printed and not handwritten and always too keep more change with you so you can give back to your customers. also to make sure the stand looks more attractive so if anyone sees the stand or at least a big poster which will be an eye catcher to the customer and then they can come towards our table as it would be a little crowded in the evening.


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