Final trade fair/ selling on the real Ground

It was really a tough day. I was wondering what is going to happen today? will we be able to sell the books? will we impress people with our product? all these questions were rushing in my head. I was really confused with my opening statement for people who would come to see our book, I love working in the sales department, cause I really think convincing people to buy your product is an art to sell just when they don’t need it. Its a big thing and I was good at it and I wanted to make myself even better at it. So I really had to think of a nice idea to convince them and make them feel confident that the product they have bought is really worth every penny they have paid. It was hard because it was my first ever product and I was kind of nervous to sell. after talking to some customers I really got some confidence with my opening lines to call them towards our table and show them and explain about our product Gemeinsam ( an activity book for making connections ). as we were a small scale business we didn’t produce many books. we had limited books printed to sell and after that, we wanted to work on pre-order depending on how the demand is increasing. We also had our website ready for people to come and have a look and order it through the website and it would be delivered within 3-5 working days within London. along with our product, we had other teams also presenting the products they worked on. they were not our competitors but we still had a challenge of whose team will make the most sales or whose product was the best or who could attract the maximum customers. It was really tough in the beginning but as we kept getting customers we knew we were doing it well. the best part of our product was that we didn’t make too many of them to sell and others had produced in bulk to sell. We were a team of 4 and we split into 2 each. so 2 were standing near the stand and other 2 were trying to pull customers towards the stand. I had a great opening statement for our customers saying “ how would you like it if I had to tell you I have a strategy for you to make more connections with people you don’t know. is that something you might be interested in.” and then boom I started with my product briefing. this made a lot of customers hear about our product. we just had 5 books to sell and soon we were ” SOLD OUT” that was really a great feeling and we even touched our breakeven point which was a very good thing for the team. later, when people knew that we were out of stock they were wondering even more what our book is all about and then we kept getting more pre-orders. it was one of the best feelings i had that day. knowing that we were capable of selling our books in the real market now. we gained a lot of confidence and experience. we were just lacking in more of advertising pictures for our stand maybe that would’ve helped us get more customers and more orders. In the end, the trade fair was a hit. we did a lot better than the first one and this one was more challenging as we were selling on the streets this time.IMG_0161.jpg


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