Brainstorming an idea for your Business

What does brainstorming exactly mean? that was the first question raised in my head as I had no clue what is brainstorming. Basically, you’re supposed to break down all your thoughts with your group and decide on what steps to take each time you take a move in your business. every time we had to brainstorm on any step we take for our business. all of us had to think of their likes and dislikes so it would be easy for the team to decide what kind of product we can make. so we all narrowed down our likes and dislikes and then we went ahead with deciding for the product For example, firstly we started with what product do we choose? and then dive deep into that particular idea looking for its advantage and disadvantages, according to that we could decide if we want to continue with that product or choose another one. We started with the idea of a bag! an electric bag! we thought a lot about electronics functioning and costing and selling of that product and it kind of didn’t work out with our group. so then we started searching for another product which we came down to a choice of flexible sofa chair. we tried narrowing down its pros and cons wondering how and where will people use it, will it be compatible, can we get the perfect material and so on. And even this didn’t work out. discussing all these things one after the other nothing really matched our thoughts. Unfortunately, in a very less span of time, we had to think of a product and make the product and launch the product within 4-5 months. It was a tough task. I knew it would be really fun because I always wanted to start my own company and I had no idea where to start from and this Helped me alottt! learning and talking through all these process one day out when me and my teammates were talking about some random topic which led to another topic of how people don’t connect with others so easily and how they are afraid to talk to them.
this gave us a nice idea for our business. All of us together thought of writing a book about being together. In the field of books I had ZERO knowledge. I had never written a book or read a book I am not a good writer either. so i was really confused what i will be doing in this but i took it as a challenge of new experience and figured a way out and left the writing part to my teammates. After selecting what we wanted to do we had brainstorm on everything about this book. which means, all the competitors, what kind of writing will we use and how will it be different, what will be the cover photo and how many pages and etc. Going through all this process I realised a lot of things and I learnt so many things I didn’t know in a business. The toughest part is when you have to decide with your teammates and listen to everyone’s different choices and accepting some even when you don’t like it. in the beginning we had to decide so many things for the book for which we were really confused and had to brainstorm. important things like we decided to some activities for our readers so it can be more fun to read and we could achieve our target of being together be successful so we had so many questions in regard what activities to add and then we came up with 3 aspects which will be

1–> Being together with yourself

2–> Being together with friends and family

3–> Being together with the community

And then each one of us had to come up with at least 2 activities for each kind. so it would be 8 activities in each section so reader can have more enjoyable time and can do his tasks. Doing this helped a lot for our book as we added many pictures also to make it interesting for the reader.
brainstorming for any business is necessary and will clear many of your doubts while establishing your business.



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